My wedding


21. Juni 2014

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Once upon a time

One warm October night in the heart of Barcelona, I found my boyfriend shaky and nervous on one knee asking me to marry him. My immediate response, after getting verified that he actually meant it, was… YES!

Where to start

Fantastic; A wedding to plan, and what an amazing opportunity for me to be creative and to use some of the skills I had gained throughout my studies. I could hardly wait to get home from our vacation and get started.

It was very important to me to have a clear pattern, when designing everything: monogram, “save the date cards”, hymnbook, seat arrangement poster and of course a website with a digital invitation.

By designing the monogram I went for the original approach using our initials (S for Sarah and J for Jonas). These two letters I put together and created the shape of a heart. This monogram was more or less published on everything I created – even a few of the gifts we received were carrying it.

In the process of deciding for colours I choose to keep them in delicate rose tones and to add the colour of copper, which I found to be a very modern look. Everything from invitations, hymnbooks and place cards etc. were printed on off-white paper with a metallic look.

An online invitation

The website had one overall goal, which was to keep all the guests informed of everything they needed to know before the wedding. The agenda of the day, wish list, toastmaster, hotel info and contact to us could all be found on that page. Additionally we used it to get our guest excited about the party, by adding a video of the band we had booked.