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1st Semester Final Project

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Mobile First

The case of this final 3 week project of the first semester was to design a website based on a mobile devise, and then afterwards adjust it, making it applicable on a desktop. Again it was a group project, and our choice landed on Copenhagen Zoo.

Our concept was to make an interactive mobile page, which the visitors would use while being in the Zoo. The Idea was to activate, involve and motivate them, while walking around the park. The main product was a game that we called “guess a pooh”, where one would be shown 4 different type of animal excrement, and the task would then be to guess from which animal it came. One would need to walk around the zoo investigating it in order to succeed.

Without having ever heard of gamification, this is actually what we came up with. Among others due to a fantastic idea, great teamwork and a high work effort, our project was a huge success, which is why we were awarded the highest possible grade.