Who is Sarah Øster Dybvad?

Sarah is me! I am a young talented and ambitious woman with a huge interest, drive and enthusiasm within multimedia design. Design and creative thinking is written in my DNA. After having been creative as long as I can remember and 3 semesters focusing on multimedia design, I am now eager to show the world, who I am and what I can do. I am just as eager to be facing new challenges, learning new things and actively absorbing the know-how and experience of already established multimedia designers in a professional environment.

What the future holds

My next step towards the career I am aiming for, will be to do an internship at a company, who’s core business is to create websites. I hope to find an organization, where I can learn a lot, and still have the possibility to contribute in the daily business. I see myself as being somewhat of an all-rounder; I am good in both design and coding. My biggest asset though is probably, that I am capable of combining all my skills ensuring a solid result in every task I take on to solve – small and big.

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How it all started

on a hot summers day in July, 1987 I was born. I grew up in a very creative environment, with a mother who was both designing and producing fashion wear. Some of my very first memories involve painting and sewing, and at quite an early age I was creating my own clothe.

Through my mother’s business I quickly learnt the value of hard work, helping out since I was about 10 years, preparing invitations for fashion shows, Christmas events, sales etc.

Back then the illustrations published on a front page of an invitation or in a newspaper ad, we made by creating a collage directly on the scanner – for me it was the best of times, but I would be lying if I didn’t say, that today I am happy to have tools like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator to my disposal.

My skils

3 years abroad but still helping out in the family business

after graduating Business College I found it was time to challenge myself on the personal scale. Despite of hardly speaking German and having no job waiting for me, I decided to move to Hamburg. In the beginning it was a bit rough, but I soon found a job as a waiter busting tables, and I was able to improve my German skills. After a couple of years I was speaking German fluently and now working in a fashion store on the same terms, as had I been German.

All the while I was still supporting the family business back home. Throughout the years my responsibilities had grown, and all the illustrations I was now in charge of. I therefore often found myself after work awake to the middle of the night preparing some add for a newspaper, fashion magazine or newsletters. Because of my profound ability of planning my time well and working structured, I was able to manage everything and on the same time being young enjoying myself in Hamburg. The fact that I really loved doing it, made it seem more like a hobby than work.

The story continues

After 3 valuable years it was time for me to go home and join the business on a full scale, which was now solitarily focusing on retail having 2 shops, selling high fashion quality clothe from well know domestic and foreign designers. I was now also managing the website, which I build up on a template after having had half a day’s training.

As time passed I got more and more caught up with the idea skipping the family business and persuade a career within multimedia design, where my passion had rapidly grown. I decided to sign up to study “Multimedia Design”. Now little over a year later I can honestly say, that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My motivation and enthusiasm is sky high, and I simply can’t get enough. Even after school I constantly find myself working on projects, such as a website for my mother’s shop or one for my mother in laws dog pound. Last but not least I have been spending a lot of time creating both a website as well as different designs for my wedding back in June, 2014. I manage to keep my focus on a good result, but on the same time trying out new things improving my skills.

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